1. Another holiday favorite #HolidayTraditions #music #video #DannyElfman #winter
  2. Where to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas on TV streaming platforms

    By Jake Hackney Christmas is almost here, which means it’s time to kick back with some festive films and get well and truly in the seasonal spirit. What better way to do that than with Tim Burton’s stop-motion classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas . But as a bizarrely twisted tal
  3. 31 Day Song Challenge Day 27 - A Song That Specifically Mentions Halloween (Halloween Version)

    Not to be too redundant but we do need at least one song that mentions the holiday we've been talking about all month, and if it mentions it more than once, maybe that's a good thing. Just to prove how flexible time is, this particular film came out 30 years ago this month, but th
  4. Song of the Day - August 25

    Every morning I ask shuffle to tell me my theme for the day from my music library. Today: When the Lights Go Out, Oingo Boingo I've seen Oingo Boingo a number of times at the Greek Theater and Irvine Meadows in the late 80s and early 90s. One show in particular they opened their s
  5. Danny Elfman Announces Summer 2023 Danny Elfman: Boingo To Batman To Big Mess and Beyond! Tour Dates

    #music #postmusic #musicpost #batman #originalcontent #creaticecolective #art #tour #tour2023 #Summer #entertainment #entertainmentnews #lifestyle #dannyelfman