1. Emmerdale spoilers reveal Belle is in fatal danger as Ruby struggles with guilt

    By Jasmine Allday Belle Dingle is in devastating danger on Emmerdale next week after finding out she is pregnant. She is being subjected to harrowing abuse at the hands of her husband Tom King, but she shockingly finds out she is pregnant next week, and desperately tries to hide it
  2. #Trump #QAnon #danger #dangerous
  3. Channel 4 Hollyoaks drowning horror as kidnap twist leads to exit - as a character returns

    By Charlotte Tutton Hollyoaks airs worrying scenes next week, as spoilers confirm danger ahead for some loved characters. The comeback of a villain leads to one character possibly being drowned judging by new images, as the conversion therapy storyline escalates and reaches a shock
  4. Garden of the Queen's Pleasure

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  5. Garden of the Queen’s Pleasure The Garden of the Queen’s Pleasure, Where the tapestries are spread, Here you may take your leisure, Or a man may lose his head. In the Garden of the Queen’s Pleasure, Many questions will be asked. And tea is served that loosens tongue, Many truths are th
  6. Beware

    Hello ladies and gentlemen!! You may grab a drink and take your seat! Every question and every concern you have will be answered, so bear with me if you can. Be silent, be patient, be open minded, and give me your undivided attention!! I do not know which part of the day it is go
  7. ITV Coronation Street fans 'solve' who's after Bethany as return 'sealed' after sinister texts

    By Charlotte Tutton Coronation Street 's Bethany Platt could be in danger after hints in the latest episode of the ITV soap. The character confirmed she had received threatening messages on her phone from someone likely involved in a far-right extremist group. Bethany was given cont
  8. Public Health

    Work in Progress ( #WIP ): Step 4 #EnSign #Sketch 2: The service cap outline was a great guide to substitute a #Telephone sign, #Medic / #FirstAid symbol, #Danger oval and an Interstate #Highway sign, route #911 . (Emergency communications, safety warning, and transportation infrastruc
  9. ADA compliant faucet is dangerous. Palm of hand can be pinched when faucet is turned off after use. #ADACompliant #Faucet #Danger
  10. Do not purchase this dog chew toy!!

    Do not purchase this dog chew toy. Benebone has supposedly recalled the chew but it is still available at Amazon and other retailers/manufacturers. If you have one of these and you have the proper tools you could possibly cut off the ends and file down the remaining larger piece