1. Fed's Daly says disinflation still happening, but sees 'considerable' uncertainty

    By: Howard Schneider FAIRFAX, Virginia (Reuters) - There is "considerable" uncertainty about where U.S. inflation will head in coming months, San Francisco Federal Reserve President Mary Daly said on Thursday, while adding she still has faith that price pressures are continuing to
  2. Fed should not act urgently to cut rates unless required, Daly says

    By: Ann Saphir PALO ALTO, California (Reuters) -There is "no urgency" to cut U.S. interest rates, Mary Daly, the president of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank, said on Monday, with the economy and labor market strong, and inflation still above the Fed's target of 2%. The Fed
  3. Fed's Daly: absolutely no urgency to cut US interest rates

    (Reuters) - San Francisco Federal Reserve President Mary Daly said on Friday there is still "a lot of work to do" to make sure inflation is on track to the Fed's 2% goal, and there is "absolutely" no urgency to cut rates. "Policy's in a good place right now, and I need to be fully
  4. Fed officials see three rate cuts 'reasonable' this year

    By: Ann Saphir and Michael S. Derby (Reuters) -A pair of Federal Reserve policymakers often considered to have divergent monetary policy leanings on Tuesday both said they think it would be "reasonable" to cut U.S. interest rates three times this year, even as stronger recent econ
  5. Fed needs time, data, patience on inflation fight: Daly

    (Reuters) - Despite "remarkable" progress on U.S. inflation, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco President Mary Daly said on Friday "there is more work to do" to ensure stable prices - a phrase that signals she feels it's not yet time for interest-rate cuts. "We will need to res
  6. Long Covid symptoms create a greater burden of disability than heart disease or cancer, new study shows

    When researchers tallied the risks for more than 80 different complications that are associated with long Covid, they translated the collective toll into a metric called a disability adjusted life year, or DALY. Each DALY represents one year of healthy life lost to illness. They