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  2. “Creativity is an unending exercise in uncertainty.” —Joseph Brodsky, Russian- American poet and essayist, expelled from the Soviet Union in 1972, awarded the 1987 Nobel Prize in Literature This painting is finished. I've learned from it what I could. Time to move on. I hope you li
  3. OK, are you ready for this? It is a little surprising, at least for me. I started painting when I was living in Singapore, so somewhere in the 80s, I had no training or mentor. I did a few watercolor paintings, then quickly decided to try oil painting. I'm about to show you the v
  4. We are getting there. It is something a bit different for me and I'm not sure yet 😬 #ArtisSubjective #Art #DailyArtEscape #FineArt #ArtHeals #OriginalContent #creativecollective #classicalrealism #contemporaryrealism #paint #giclee
  5. Both these following comments seem frivolous but somewhere around 5 am I read a post (yes I am sleep-deprived and yes they were posted 11 hours ago) that encouraged engagement and I've been absent for 2 days so… I hope you at least enjoy the painting. 1) For some reason, I am not
  6. Daily Art Escape

    Robert Gober, Untitled Leg , 1989–90, Beeswax, cotton, wood, leather, human hair, 11-3/8 x 7-3/4 x 20 inches Robert Gober, Cat Litter, 1989, Plaster, ink, and latex paint, 17 x 8 x 5 inches Among other artists who emerged in the 1980s, Gober explores sexual and cultural identity. "M
  7. Chinese Man, oil on linen

    You may have noticed that many of my objects are from Asia. It is because I lived there for nine years and have a lot of Asian "stuff." It has been suggested that I move away from the Asian influence in my subject matter. Some have even suggested that I choose more "common" objec
  8. Finished!

    ok, this little puppy is done. All I need to do is varnish her once she is dry. Painting her was a growing experience and I know that is all that should matter. I'm pretty sure I am not alone with the struggle for perfection. Andre Malraux is quoted as saying "An artist discovers
  9. I started this painting 18 posts ago. The painting is unfinished, but I promised an update, so here it is. I am so fortunate. I've been thinking. Some people don't buy or receive presents, decorate their homes, or bake holiday cakes because many people do not celebrate religious h
  10. Alabaster Murex

    oil on linen Here is a quick little ditty to say hello before I return to my studio, where I am so delighted to be. I will post an update of the piece I am working on at the end of the day (in case you are hanging on to the edge of your seat. ;>). Have a good day! #Art #DailyArtEs