1. A (Strange) Interview With the Russian-Military-Linked Hackers Targeting US Water Utilities

    Despite Cyber Army of Russia’s claims of swaying US “minds and hearts,” experts say the cyber sabotage group appears to be hyping its hacking for a domestic audience. By Andy Greenberg When the activities of Russian hacker groups are exposed in a major public report and tied to a g
  2. The Dangerous Rise of GPS Attacks

    Thousands of planes and ships are facing GPS jamming and spoofing. Experts warn these attacks could potentially impact critical infrastructure, communication networks, and more. By Matt Burgess The disruption to GPS services started getting worse on Christmas Day. Planes and ships
  3. Hackers Linked to Russia’s Military Claim Credit for Sabotaging US Water Utilities

    Cyber Army of Russia Reborn, a group with ties to the Kremlin’s Sandworm unit, is crossing lines even that notorious cyberwarfare unit wouldn’t dare to. By Andy Greenberg Russia's military intelligence unit known as Sandworm has, for the past decade, served as the Kremlin’s most ag
  4. A Vigilante Hacker Took Down North Korea’s Internet. Now He’s Taking Off His Mask

    As “P4x,” Alejandro Caceres single-handedly disrupted the internet of an entire country. Then he tried to show the US military how it can—and should—adopt his methods. By Andy Greenberg A little over two years have passed since the online vigilante who would call himself P4x fired
  5. I’m a disaster expert, this is what will happen after a Russian cyber attack

    I’m a disaster expert, this is what will happen after a Russian cyber attack #cybersecurity #criticalinfrastructure #cyberwar #electricity #water
  6. Iran-linked hackers seize an opening on the Israel-Hamas war #security #privacy #cloud #cyber #cybersecurity #infosec #cyberwar
  7. UNITED24Media 🇺🇦 Telegram

    The IT army stopped the operation of the largest airport in the Russian Federation, — Minister of Digital Transformation Fedorov The IT army is actively working, almost every day Russian websites fail, data leaks occur, and the work of state institutions is paralyzed. One of the l
  8. FBI chief says China has bigger hacking program than the competition combined #security #privacy #cloud #cyber #cybersecurity #infosec #cyberwar
  9. 💥 The International Criminal Court Will Now Prosecute Cyberwar Crimes
  10. Top U.S. cyber official offers 'stark warning' of infrastructure attacks if China tensions escalate. #security #privacy #cloud #cyber #cybersecurity #infosec #cyberwar