1. Don't Over Share on Social Platforms.

    Posting too much personal data on social media can pose various risks to individuals' privacy and security. Here are a few reasons why it's important to be cautious about sharing too much personal information online: 1. Identity Theft : Cybercriminals can exploit personal informati
  2. Casino giant MGM expects $100 million hit from hack that led to data breach

    By: Zeba Siddiqui (Reuters) -MGM Resorts International said on Thursday a cyberattack last month that disrupted its operations would cause a $100 million hit to its third-quarter results, as it works to restore its systems. One of the world's largest gambling firms, MGM shut down i
  3. Hackers Exploit Interest in Criminal Version of ChatGPT to Scam Other Crooks

    By Michael Kan A malicious version of ChatGPT designed to assist cybercriminals has ended up scamming crooks interested in buying access to the service. In July, we wrote about WormGPT , a chatbot built from open-source code that promised to help hackers churn out phishing messages
  4. South Africa: Digital Evidence - a Step Forward for South Africa

    By Karen Allen / ISS [ISS] As police and prosecutors test new legislation, what are the challenges of using digital evidence? In one of the first cases of its kind, South Africa's 2020 Cybercrimes Act has been put to the test to secure a conviction of incitement based on WhatsApp e
  5. Iowa community colleges allocate time, money to combat cybersecurity threats

    Iowa community colleges allocate time, money to combat cybersecurity threats #News #USNews #Iowa #IowaNews #Education #College #CommunityCollege #Cybersecurity #Tech #Technology #Scams #Cybercriminals
  6. A downside of artificial intelligence #AI #fraud #cybersecurity #cybercriminals
  7. #Phishing for new tactics: Could #cybercriminals take advantage of AI and GPT?