1. #poetry

    I was a curious little boy chasing after rainbows and all the dreams that caught my eye refusing to listen to maturity as it arrived till the morning I discovered the meaning of goodbye
  2. When Talk Radio was civil and curious - on another planet:
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  4. Hygge

    Greetings from Copenhagen! Emma and I spent yesterday, half inside and half out, working through the remaining bits and pieces of our day jobs and then wandering the streets and canal ways of Copenhagen. It was a fulfilling day in many ways as we were able to take in the sights a
  5. It's the Journey, not the Destination

    That face... I've had to come to grips with my limitations. I can't always carry my camera around with me while working on the farm and, to my critical eye, the camera in my iPhone is lacking. That being said, what I feel I lose in quality, I more than make up for it in flexibil
  6. Patterns of Behaviour

    Since Emma is in Copenhagen this week, it falls to me to care for the many hoofed stomachs around the farm. Part of the joys of this revolve around feeding time when the overwhelming urge to consume takes control of the hamster wheel in the head. As such, you end up in the midd
  7. We are but Dust

    You can't see it unless you look carefully but, there's a shooting star (or comet) in this picture. Find it, if you can. Yesterday evening was cool and clear, just the perfect temperature to be able to be outside without too many layers and with just the right amount of humidity a
  8. Finding Equilibrium

    It's been a long day and one that I can honestly say was as necessary as it was frustrating. This camera situation has been a burden to my soul a bit, what with the indeterminate nature of humanity to follow through on promises and contracts, as well as just the unsettled nature