1. How to Store Edible Seeds for Longevity

    Introduction When it comes to storing edible seeds for longevity, proper storage methods are crucial to ensure the seeds remain fresh and retain their nutritional value. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or simply looking to stock up on a variety of seeds for your pantry, knowin
  2. Mother's Day tulip trick could see the blooms last for up to two weeks, according to expert

    By Danielle Kate Wroe If you got your mum tulips for Mother's Day , you may want to pass on this handy hack, as it could see the blooms last up to two weeks. Some people don't like giving flowers as gifts as they don't last very long, but according to experts, you can make your tuli
  3. Woman discovers little-known symbol on potato packaging and sparks chaos

    By Niamh Kirk A woman has caused a huge debate online - and it's all to do with how she stores her spuds. Storing fruit and veg correctly has always been a divisive topic, but one foodie has sparked chaos after she highlighed a "strange symbol" on her packet of potatoes and wondere
  4. Photos of lady's awesome rented space gets people talking: "Awesome job"

    By Kauthar Gool Creativity was shown by a lovely woman who showed off her impressive interior decorating skills The lady posted images of her rented space in a popular online group, with scores of people commenting on the place Both compliments and constructive criticism poured in,
  5. Oldie #drawing prompts: #cheetah , #mustache , #cupboard . #illustration I love the “hair” texture on the floorboards. Forgot I did that intentionally. 👍