1. Two 39-year-old Estonian men are the alleged kingpins behind a massive half billion fraud targeting thousands of U.S. investors

    By Amanda Gerut The Department of Justice is advancing a case alleging that two men in Estonia cheated investors in a byzantine cryptocurrency mining operation that generated $575 million, authorities said. Sergei Potapenko and Ivan Turõgin, both 39, were arrested in Tallinn, Eston
  2. US charges two brothers with novel $25 million cryptocurrency heist

    By: Nate Raymond BOSTON (Reuters) - Two brothers who studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were arrested on Wednesday on U.S. charges that they carried out a cutting-edge scheme to exploit the Ethereum blockchain's integrity and steal $25 million worth of cryptocurr
  3. In the digital age, romance scams have become an all too common threat, preying on the vulnerability and trust of unsuspecting individuals. I, too, fell victim to such a scheme, lured into investing in a Telegram group, only to lose a substantial amount of cryptocurrency—5.78 Bit
  4. Crypto Magnate Do Kwon Found Liable for Multibillion-Dollar Fraud

    When Do Kwon’s crypto empire fell to pieces, tens of billions of dollars were wiped out. A civil jury in the US has found he lied to investors. By Joel Khalili A federal jury in New York has found South Korean crypto magnate Do Kwon—and his company Terraform Labs—liable for defraud
  5. Sam Bankman-Fried's secret Tucker Carlson plan is cynical but not surprising

    By Jeff John Roberts Every time you think Sam Bankman-Fried can't possibly get more despicable, he proves you wrong. The latest example comes in the form of a secret memo he wrote to himself following the collapse of his fraudulent crypto empire. In the memo, published as part of
  6. ⚖️ Mark Scott, former Locke Lord LLP lawyer of OneCoin, sentenced to 10 yrs for laundering $400M in OneCoin scheme. The case highlights major risks in unregulated digital currencies. #OneCoin #CryptocurrencyFraud #JusticeServed
  7. New York Court Sets Date For Landmark $110M Mango Markets Crypto Fraud Case

    By Murtuza Merchant Avraham Eisenberg , a trader involved in a staggering $110 million cryptocurrency theft, will stand trial in a New York court on Dec. 4. U.S. District Judge Richard Berman in Manhattan announced the trial date for Eisenberg, who faces charges including commoditie