1. Stunning UK seaside town has breathtaking views and 'best pier in all of Britain'

    By Florence Freeman A seaside town in is gaining notoriety for being the most beautiful in the UK. Cromer, a charming coastal town in Norfolk , is perched atop a rugged cliff overlooking the North Sea. It boasts stunning views and lush woodlands. One of its main attractions is the l
  2. Five popular British seaside treats that are at risk of dying out forever

    By Florence Freeman For years, the British seaside has been celebrated for its timeless traditions. From indulging in fish and chips to munching on sticks of rock and even going for a donkey ride, a trip to the seaside offered it all. But as we look back on childhood memories, it's
  3. UK to bask in 22C this weekend with record hottest day of year as Britain warmer than Greece

    By Monica Charsley Brits have been told to get out their summer clothes as the UK could experience heat of up to 22C - making it hotter than Greece this weekend. Forecasters announced the delightful news that Storm Kathleen could have some positives after all. It comes after fierce
  4. All 13 areas in England that will bask in 20C heat as other parts brace for Storm Kathleen

    By James Rodger A number of towns and cities in England are to get warm weather this weekend, with temperatures hitting 20C, according to the Met Office forecast. More than a dozen places will enjoy hot weather, with the hottest day of the year so far expected. Some 13 spots, inclu
  5. And a very Happy #PinkWednesday I was going to do flowers, I still might, the night is still young!! (GMT) 👍 But first anyone fancy an ice-cream? Personally mine will be Italian Salted Caramel and a Mint Choc Chip topped… oh yes 😋 with Black Cherry Fresh Whippy. Ok let’s see what
  6. Little Things....😊

    A few weeks ago, I had a week off work, nothing planned, just days out, and to be honest feeling a bit low having unintentionally upset someone who I grown to like, and respect 2 days earlier. So feeling low, time to spare I decided to get up early and travel up to the North Norf