1. #CriminalDefendantTrump back in the courtroom tomorrow @RepSwalwell heard him complaining how hard it was for him to sit there all day without falling asleep & farting out noxious fumes so he thoughtfully sent him this
  2. Schadenfreude + Karma = Me watching how #CriminalDefendantTrump Sits alone With no real friends A family who despises him The people who work for him loathe him too He cannot sleep His mind diminishes by the day All he has left are his delusions & his lies! #TrumpForPrisonNOW
  3. #PAPrimary @JoeBiden received over 93% of the vote last night while #CriminalDefendantTrump not only lost support from 2020 but 18% of PA GOP voters chose #NikkiHaley despite her no longer being in the race Not sure I understand how even one person could vote for him? #VoteBlue
  4. I will happily stop using #PutinsPuppet #TraitorTrump #TheGodfarter #DonSnoreleone If we just refer to him as the one & ONLY #CriminalDefendantTrump
  5. SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE He was booked as inmate No. P01135809. #CriminalDefendantTrump footnote: MAGA Mike Johnson is a hand puppet.
  6. So Close...

    So close, Frank Figliuzzi — Former Assistant Director Counterintelligence — called Donald J Trump almost a stochastic terrorist explicitly... close but still circling the calling out. ‘A slap in the face’: Trump’s co-defendants’ mugshots are 'history in the making' | Nicole Walla
  7. Trump Zombies

    The devil's going down to Georgia, and he's lookin' for more souls to steal, Thinks he's been maligned and he's in a bind, But he's unwillin' to make a deal #CriminalDefendantTrump #RepublicanCongressmembers #DJT_StillTheOneForMe