1. 7 Things Online Creators Want You To Know

    Every day I cross paths with writers, artists, musicians, speakers, podcasters, journalists, and creative people of all kinds who are finding themselves being slowly squeezed out of the work they love. As someone who's been fortunate to have made a living online for nearly a decad
  2. What to Know About OpenAI’s New AI Video Generator Sora

    By Will Henshall Have you ever wanted to know what two golden retrievers podcasting on top of a mountain might look like? Or perhaps watch a bicycle race on the ocean with different animals riding the bicycles ? Now you can. OpenAI’s latest generative artificial intelligence offerin
  3. Independent Authors and Creative Professionals! Are you ready to take your branding and marketing to the next level? Introducing "The Branding And Marketing For The Rest Of Us Book" - your ultimate guide to success! Learn how to effectively promote and market yourself and your off
  4. Apple MacBook Pro 16 M3 Max (2023) review: a laptop mic-drop

    By Joanna Nelius Operating systems aside, there’s no better laptop for most creative professionals than the Apple MacBook Pro 16 M3 Max ( available at Apple ) due in part to its outstanding 40-core integrated graphics processor. The speed of hardware-accelerated tasks is on par with
  5. Happy Wednesday!

    It's the middle of November already! Do you know how and why you should do a mid-month review for your creative business? In this week's newsletter, I explain it all to you! Just click the link. #BrandingAndMarketingForTheRestOfUs #IndependentAuthors #CreativeProfessionals
  6. Today's Daily Affirmation

    As we begin working on our goals in November we will inevitably encounter obstacles and setbacks. Just remember: You can do this! #IndependentAuthors #CreativeProfessionals #TrainingAndCoaching #Networking https://bit.ly/45QFhoh