1. 👇 🇨🇦 "CRA reversed $246M in pandemic benefit debts after thousands contested eligibility status" #CERB #CRB #CRA #CovidPandemic
  2. Bravo @DMansini #LisaLucas @bobcesca_go It was so great to see @AuthorKimberley & so many @StephMillerShow fans come together & celebrate these 2 incredible women who during the Covid Pandemic created a cooking show filled with love, fun & FOOD! Buy the book #ThatTimeWeAteOurFeeli
  3. Most companies trying to transform are making these 3 critical talent mistakes

    By Paige McGlauflin Adapting to disruptive events has become a major part of business over the past few years, from dealing with the onset of the COVID pandemic , to the rise of remote work , and an ever-turbulent labor market . But a new study shows just how hard change can be. Only
  4. An important thread by one of our brave front line defenders @Craig_A_Spencer during #CovidPandemic TRUMP MADE IT FAR FAR WORSE Over 400K dead by Jan 2021 "According to CDC, the program in China charged with spotting new infectious diseases went from having 4 US staff in 2017 to ZERO
  5. I can help! I am Adjunct Professor at Trump Univ AWT Dept of Alternative & Witchcrafty Things. The Disinformates are a relatively new class of super-fakes in treatments of deadly diseases, as first adopted by Repulsicans in the Covid pandemic. Examples include Hydroxychloroquine
  6. Fury as one of Britain's longest running Punch and Judy shows is axed by council

    By Jaya Narain & Rom Preston-Ellis A council has sparked fury after axing one of the longest-running Punch and Judy shows in Britain. For more than 120 years the Punch and Judy show in Eastbourne has enthralled visitors to the seaside resort. A quintessential part of the British se
  7. Dementia-friendly holidays could completely change the lives of people suffering, says Anna Barry

    By Anna Barry Dementia describes a set of symptoms that over time can affect a person’s memory, problem-solving, language and behaviour, and the cruel syndrome is sadly irreversible. But could dementia-friendly holidays be the answer to helping sufferers get somewhat back to who th
  8. Political incompetence can be deadly: Check your risk level. #covidpandemic #covidlessons #vaccinessavelives