1. Who is Viktor Pavlushchyk, newly-elected head of key Ukrainian anti-corruption agency?

    By Oleg Sukhov Viktor Pavlushchyk was chosen on Feb. 25 as the head of the National Agency for Corruption Prevention (NACP) - one of Ukraine's main corruption fighting bodies. The Cabinet of Ministers has yet to formally appoint him as the head of the NACP. Pavlushchyk is
  2. How Ukrainian officials get away with having Russian citizenship – even amid war

    By Oleg Sukhov As Russia is waging its war against Ukraine, some high-ranking Ukrainian officials with confirmed or suspected Russian citizenship are doing fine. Ukraine's Constitution bans foreign citizenship for officials. However, in some cases, officials with Russian c
  3. As Ukrainian officials begin filing asset declarations, controversies surface

    By Oleg Sukhov Some of the electronic asset declarations recently filed by top officials have revealed huge earnings, valuable assets, and links to Russia. The discoveries follow the re-opening of the public register of electronic declarations by the National Agency for C