1. Analysis-Relentless US credit demand seen driving second-quarter rally

    By: Shankar Ramakrishnan (Reuters) - An investor scramble to lock in returns before the Federal Reserve cuts rates is expected to sustain a rally in the U.S. corporate bond market into the second quarter, with one strategist saying it may touch levels not seen in three decades. Cre
  2. US high-grade corporate bond spreads to tighten in 2024 :JPM

    By: Matt Tracy (Reuters) - Spreads on U.S. corporate high-grade bonds are likely to tighten in 2024, according to JPMorgan. In a report published on Monday, JPMorgan forecast that returns on high-grade bonds will reach new highs in 2024 that will continue through the end of the yea
  3. US bond investors with mild recession concerns on the rise -BofA

    By: Matt Tracy (Reuters) - U.S. corporate bond investors were focusing on companies deemed best able to withstand an economic downturn, according to a November survey by Bank of America which found 59% of those surveyed listing a potential mild recession as their top concern, up f
  4. Companies' derivative bets to save on US debt costs turn riskier

    By Shankar Ramakrishnan NEW YORK (Reuters) -A type of derivative trade that became popular with companies over the past year to save on interest costs is seeing demand slow, with risk increasing that the bets could backfire as the Federal Reserve nears the end of its policy tighte