1. Solar Eclipse to Be Chased by NASA Jet Planes

    By Jess Thomson As the moon's shadow passes in front of the sun during the solar eclipse on April 8 , NASA plans to chase the phenomenon with jet planes. Three research teams plan to place scientific instruments aboard NASA's WB-57 jet planes to study the secrets of space weather fr
  2. 'Living Nostradamus' gets his first prediction of 2024 right

    By Harry Fletcher It's safe to say most people know about Nostradamus and the predictions made by the 16th-century seer – but do you know there’s a ‘living Nostradamus’ who is gaining notoriety on social media? The person in question is Athos Salomé, a parapsychologist from Brazil,
  3. Strongest Geomagnetic Storm in Years Lights Up Sky

    By Jess Thomson The strongest solar storm for years slammed into the Earth's atmosphere on Sunday, sparking an extremely powerful geomagnetic storm. The geomagnetic storm triggered by the coronal mass ejection from the sun was classified as a "severe" or G4 storm, and led to aurora
  4. The Sun emitted its strongest solar flare in 6 years

    In a blog post on Thursday, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory observed an X2.8 solar flare — making it the most powerful flare emitted from the Sun since 2017. Tweet may have been deleted Accompanying this monstrous burst of energy was a coronal mass ejection (CME), according to Sp
  5. Massive solar flare, the most powerful since 2017, causes disruptions in Earth's radio communications

    A massive solar flare, the largest since 2017, disrupted radio communications on Earth for two hours. Detected by a NASA telescope, it was described as one of the largest solar radio events ever recorded. The flare caused interference with aircraft radio communication and was fel
  6. Sun spits out biggest solar flare in years – sparking communications chaos on Earth

    By Paul Donald The biggest solar flare in years has knocked out radio communication on parts of Earth and more disruption is expected, according to scientists. The huge flare from the Sun on Thursday is said to be the biggest since 2017 and resulted in two hours of radio interferen
  7. A Pair of Sun Probes Just Got Closer to Solving a Solar Enigma

    The solar corona is hotter than expected, and scientists are using European Space Agency and NASA spacecraft to figure out why. By Ramin Skibba The blazing surface of the sun froths with an extremely hot electrically charged gas called plasma. The temperature at the edge of this co