1. 'My boyfriend and I have separate bedrooms - we live very different lives'

    By Niamh Kirk & Charlie Watton Every relationship is different, but one couple has revealed the secret to their long-lasting relationship is all down to how they spend time in the bedroom...alone. Sometimes sleeping solo can feel like a little luxury, getting the whole bed to yours
  2. Mary Earps gives controversial opinion after winning BBC Sports Personality of the Year award

    By Jack Otway Mary Earps has revealed her controversial opinion after winning the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award. The goalkeeper scooped the prize in Salford on Tuesday night, beating Stuart Broad and Katarina Johnson-Thompson in the process. Earps has been recognised afte
  3. Guardian Angel Fires Shots at Andrew Kibe's Spirituality Weeks Before He Lands in Kenya

    By Amondi Aroko Guardian Angel laughed at people who thought he and Esther Musila would part ways when they started their relationship He also fired shots at YouTuber Andrew Kibe for his harsh criticism and said he could never bring himself to argue with him According to the gospel