1. "The shocking speed of the collapse was due in part to its ‘continuous truss’ design, specialists say. “The collision of a vessel as large as the Dali container ship will have far exceeded the design loads for the slender concrete piers that support the truss structure, and once
  2. Stranded containership. Apparently all hands survived. Cargo still missing. #PNW #Strand #Stranded #Shipwreck #NorthCoast #Containership #Toy #Cargo
  3. Arctic ice retreat leads to increased ship traffic through the Northwest Passage

    By Christopher Reynolds Michael Wenger still remembers the patches of blood red and vivid violet that daub the landscape of the Northwest Passage . “People usually think it's ice and glaciers and rocks. And then you get there and you see these meadows, with all the different plants,
  4. Black Sea ships carrying grain hit insurance obstacle

    By © AFP 2022 Unlock the best of Legit.ng on Pinterest! Subscribe now and get your daily inspiration! The risk of bombing has made it virtually impossible to insure ships leaving Ukraine via the Black Sea, leaving the sector to find an alternative route, especially for grain. Cargo