1. Even within the CIA. As far as I understand it, the organization is compartmentalized so that one compromised operation is contained. And CIA is only one intelligence agency, there are others. Trump had to request a list of operators. It was reported as something rather unusual.
  2. Trying to move things forward is so much harder than it should be, but I've made progress anyway. So much that I have to compartmentalize. Too much. The only way is forward. So,... Just finished the first round of edits to Chapter 2 of the audio book. It will be available on the

    The news media is spewing absolute nonsense about the Georgia Fani Willis RICO action. The network talking heads and particularly CNN either have stupid or lazy people preparing their scripts which they seem so determined to mindlessly read. They recite moaning sound bites of de
  4. Leaving the Cult

    A mark never wants to admit to being fooled. BUT they can come to a modicum of reality by compartmentalizing the grift and focusing on the grifter. The problem is they still WANT the things the grifter was peddling. The hope is, like with some former cult members, that the revel