1. Mystic Chords of Memory. George Tanner My name is George Tanner and I served in the US Army. I left Marion for the Ohio National Guard in 1940. It was in October that they mobilized us and we were sent to Camp Shelby, Mississippi until February of 1942. That was after Pearl
  2. Eldon Brown continued. On October 24, 1942, "They called my name for shipping this morning. I am likely to go at any time now." His next letter from was from Presque Isle Air Base, Maine. He had been on a train from Wednesday until Sunday. "I want to tell you first of all I was o
  3. Ten years after serving together in Iraq these battle buddies reunited

    Watch these former Army battle buddies reunited after more than 10 years apart. By Terry Baddoo, USA TODAY Shawn Dodd hadn't seen his best friend, Jesse Burr, for more than a decade when he opened his front door to a stunning surprise. Dodd and Burr met in the Army and didn't hit it
  4. Ukraine's Armed Forces will be able to train 500,000 mobilised troops – officer

    By KATERYNA TYSHCHENKO Ukraine has the ability to train any number of personnel determined by the new law on mobilisation, which may be adopted soon. Source : Major General Viktor Nikoliuk, Commander of the Training Department at Ground Forces Command, in an interview with the Radio
  5. Latvia to train more Ukrainian soldiers

    By European Pravda, Ukrainska Pravda Latvia stands ready to expand training for the Ukrainian troops by the end of 2023. Source: Ukrainian Defence Ministry , citing Ukrainian Defence Minister Rustem Umierov and his Latvian counterpart Andris Sprūds during their meeting in Kyiv Detail