1. Washington AD Troy Dannen takes swipe at Ohio State, Texas: 'They haven't won much lately'

    New Washington AD Troy Dannen made a point about his philosophy at the expense of future Big Ten opponent Ohio State, as well as Texas in the Big 12. By Zac Al-Khateeb, Columbus Dispatch Washington doesn't join the Big Ten until the 2024 college football season . But based on Monday
  2. Reminder: Vote Ohio--August 8th

    Ohio needs to vote and vote big for democracy. Know people in Ohio? Important vote on August 8th. Two links below explain why this is a crucial vote. Frankly, they all are, but this one is exceptionally key. #Ohio #OhioGOP #Undemocratic #August8thVote #ColumbusDispatch
  3. Ohio GOP End Run Around Voters on the Ballot

    @maddow posted this 7/16/2023. Very good stuff indeed. One issue on the ballot, if passed, would "require 60% of voters to pass a new constitutional amendment, instead of a simple majority of 50% plus one." Columbus Dispatch link to 7/14/2023 articl
  4. Ohio voters need to absolutely crush this. (Article from The Columbus Dispatch)

    Why would Ohio voters want the state Constitution to be harder for them to amend? 🥴 This measure has nothing to do with protecting against the influence of special interests. Ohio Republicans are simply scared of the public's access to democracy. The public wants things that th