1. Three Gaza brothers say they were beaten, mistreated in Israeli detention

    By: Saleh Salem and Bassam Masoud By Saleh Salem and Bassam Masoud GAZA (Reuters) -Three Palestinian brothers rounded up by Israel in the Gaza Strip said they and fellow detainees were beaten, stripped to their underwear, burnt with cigarettes and subjected to other forms of mistr
  2. It’s Not Just the Killing. Why Must Israel Dehumanize Palestinians?

    By Daoud Kuttab As a journalist, I worked in the field covering the first Palestinian intifada and part of the second. The world was horrified to see men stripped down to their underwear huddled with their hands behind their heads as Israeli soldiers looked down at them. For many
  3. Brit dad stranded in Gaza with son begs for help after seeing three loved ones killed

    By Matthew Dresch & Louise Lazell A British dad stranded in Gaza with his son revealed how his childhood friend and two cousins were killed in Israeli bomb attacks. Civil engineer Musheir El-Farra’s phone line went dead when Israel shut down Gaza’s internet access and mobile signal
  4. This is so well said. Compassion. Shared humanity. Everyone deserves to live in peace. Hamas is evil. The Palestinian people are not Hamas. Let the water, food, fuel, and electricity in. Hamas planned their attack. Cutting off food, water, fuel, etc. is adding to the immeasurable
  5. Jewish law prohibits certain war tactics, International war law prohibits other war crimes including collective punishment

    These include: Destruction of #fruit #trees Breaking #vessels Tearing #clothing Wrecking built-up #structures Stopping #fountains Wasting #food in a #destructive #manner #JewishLaw also prohibits outright vandalism in warfare . The permissibly of #war is limited and the requirement is t
  6. Wednesday, October 18, 2023, the #IsraelWar has resulted in: #Israel : 1,400 people killed and 3,500 injured #Gaza : Over 3,300 people killed and approximately 12,500 injured The situation for #civilians in Gaza is growing more #desperate as Israel continues its #airstrikes . Aid has
  7. What is Collective Punishment? #collectivepunishemnt #ethniccleansing #israel