1. The world is hungry for cocaine and happy to buy it. But think of the ravaged countries that pay the price

    What happened in Ecuador a few weeks ago, when the country descended into gang violence and TV journalists were seen by millions cowering in front of people pointing high-powered weapons at their heads, was described in many ways. With the benefit of hindsight, though, it can be
  2. From drug trafficking to tobacco

    Cigarettes become a new branch of business for Mexican cartels. The black market in cigarettes as a business and money laundering option for organized crime accounts for up to 30% of a $25 billion smuggling industry #narcos #Cocaine #CocaineCartels #cocainetrafficking #crime #orga
  3. The road to chaos in Ecuador

    For years, Ecuador enjoyed a relative degree of peace, as its neighbours, Colombia and Peru, were wrangling with internal conflicts as chief protagonists in the international supply of cocaine. However, things have changed dramatically in recent times. #narcos #crime #organizedcri
  4. Ecuador Elections: Cartels, Assassination, Corruption And Fear Loom, Economy And Security Are Key Issues

    By Maureen Meehan Ecuador is voting Sunday amid a climate of crime and political violence that has raised concerns about the future of democracy in this South American country. Seven candidates are running for president. There were eight . Last week one of the main anti-corruption c
  5. ‘They’ll Figure Out Where You Live’: The Rise of Europe’s New Drug Cartels

    ‘They’ll Figure Out Where You Live’: The Rise of Europe’s New Drug Cartels #News #WorldNews #Europe #Drugs #Crime #DrugCartels #Cocaine #CocaineCartels