1. Corporations don’t GAF about democracy, part CXXIII

    “Collins, who was first elected to Congress in 2022, bills himself a pro-Trump outsider . But, in his reelection campaign, Collins has attracted the financial support of many of the country's most prominent corporations. Now that Collins has unapologetically endorsed racism, will
  2. Buffett's Winning Trio: Unveiling The 3 Stocks Driving His Remarkable Returns

    By Aditi Ganguly Warren Buffett's investment strategies are widely coveted by investors globally, as the Oracle of Omaha's portfolio has delivered a robust 9.85% compounded annual return over the past 30 years. While Buffett has amassed a majority of his wealth through diversified
  3. The Buffett Chronicles: Lesser-Known Investments That Struck Gold

    By Aditi Ganguly In the evolving landscape of financial markets, few names command as much respect and admiration as Warren Buffett. Often hailed as the Oracle of Omaha, Buffett’s reputation as an astute investor precedes him. While his high-profile investments in companies like Co
  4. Warren Buffett's First Failed Business Venture Cost Him 20% Of His Net Worth — Now He Says, 'Risk Comes From Not Knowing What You're Doing'

    By Jeannine Mancini Investing is linked to risk, a reality recognized by investors globally. The potential for permanent capital loss is a fundamental concern in finance, defining the essence of risk. Yet, perceptions of risk vary among investors. Warren Buffett, one of the riches
  5. 5 Biggest Winners, 5 Biggest Losers From Dow Jones Industrial Average In 2023

    By Chris Katje Broad stock market indexes were up in 2023 with technology stocks outperforming several other sectors. Here's a look at the biggest gainers and laggards in the Dow Jones Industrial Average . What Happened: The Dow Jones Industrial Average was created in 1896 by Charle
  6. Coke’s latest mystery flavor is here. It’s created by AI

    By By Danielle Wiener-Bronner, CNN For about a year and a half, Coca-Cola has experimented with limited-edition beverages that have mystery tastes — most of them with vague, futuristic concepts and undisclosed flavors. The latest one, Coca-Cola Y3000, fits the bill. The one distinc
  7. We’re way past hard seltzer: The spiked drinks keep coming

    By By Elisabeth Buchwald, CNN Recently I was carded for trying to buy a lemonade. I thought the cashier was joking. Then she pointed to the label reading “spiked.” I laughed and opted for a regular lemonade instead, since it was 2 p.m. on a Wednesday. It’s an easy mistake to make t