1. Urgent Cobra meeting convened ahead of Remembrance Sunday as protest outrage explodes

    By Millie Cooke An urgent Cobra meeting has been called ahead of Remembrance Sunday this weekend. Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden called the meeting to consider the impact of the Israel-Hamas conflict in the UK, which escalated after Hamas' terror attack on Israel on October 7.
  2. Emergency Cobra meeting called to discuss UK's terror threat amid Israel-Hamas conflict

    By Dave Burke An emergency Cobra meeting has been called this afternoon to discuss the UK's terror threat level. Downing Street has announced that Deputy PM Oliver Dowden will chair the meeting, which is expected to include intelligence and police chiefs. It is unclear if this is i
  3. Pro-Palestine demonstrations branded ‘most loathsome race hate we have seen’ by ex-Australian PM

    By Ben Chapman Tony Abbott has warned of “very dangerous times” as masses take to the streets showing support for Palestine amid the Israel-Hamas conflict. The former Australian Prime Minister joined GB News’ Jacob Rees-Mogg to discuss demonstrations that have swept Britain and afa
  4. Fears for British Jews as mass mob storms airport in search for Jewish passengers in terrifying footage

    By Jack Walters An antisemitic mob has targeted Jewish passengers at a Russian airport as terrifying footage heightens concerns about safety in the UK ahead of an emergency Cobra meeting on Britain’s “accelerated” terror threat. Footage from the mostly Muslim region of Dagestan sho
  5. ‘Frightening’: Nigel Farage blasts ‘support for barbarous actions’ as pro-Palestinians march in London

    By Ben Chapman Nigel Farage has hit out at a show of “support for barbarous actions in Israel” via medium of protest on the streets of London. Brandishing placards and flags, hundreds descended on the embassy in Kensington on Monday night. A Palestinian flag was seen draped on top o