1. Coal Stocks Take A Breather As Trading Sentiment Sours In Commodities Markets: Was The Election In India A Factor?

    By Matt Whittaker Coal stocks have pulled back amid speculation about future leadership in India, a major importer, but the sell-off may have more to do with short-term trading sentiment rather than a shift in market fundamentals. The Range Global Coal Index ETF (NYSE: COAL ) fell 3.
  2. India’s Adani Group implicated in coal scam as scrutiny on founder's political ties grows

    By Helen Li Semafor Signals Supported by Microsoft logo Insights from Financial Times, Bloomberg, Reuters, and Al Jazeera The News India’s Adani Group has allegedly sold low-grade coal as a more expensive and less polluting form of the fuel, according to documents provided by the Organ
  3. Media: Ukrainian coal businessman Kropachov detained

    By Kateryna Denisova Editor's note: This story is being updated. Businessman Vitaliy Kropachov was detained in Ukraine on May 17, Hromadske media outlet reported, citing unnamed sources in the State Bureau of Investigation. Kropachov is the owner of the Ukrdoninvest Group
  4. US ends leasing in its largest coal-producing region

    By © AFP 2022 President Joe Biden's government on Thursday announced it was ending coal leases in the Powder River Basin, the nation's largest coal-producing region, drawing condemnation from the mining sector and praise from environmentalists. It comes as the world's second larges
  5. GOP-led states and industry groups ask Supreme Court to block Biden’s ‘good neighbor’ pollution rule

    By Ella Nilsen, CNN A group of Republican-led states, fossil fuel industry groups and utilities filed an emergency request with the Supreme Court Wednesday, asking it to block the implementation of the Biden administration’s “good neighbor” rule – a regulation to cut down on harmf
  6. Biden announces regional hydrogen hubs in hopes of sparking a clean-energy revolution

    By Ella Nilsen, CNN President Joe Biden on Friday announced the locations of seven regional hubs to manufacture hydrogen – a fuel cleaner than fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal – but one which can be derived from renewable energy , nuclear power or planet-warming methane gas . Bide
  7. Coal makes a quiet resurgence in the clean energy era

    By Analysis by Nicole Goodkind, CNN A version of this story first appeared in CNN Business’ Before the Bell newsletter. Not a subscriber? You can sign up right here . You can listen to an audio version of the newsletter by clicking the same link. As momentum shifts toward clean ener
  8. Activists win court ruling to pause seismic blasting for gas off Australia’s western coast

    By Angus Watson, CNN Activists in Australia have succeeded in pausing planned seismic blasting off Western Australia, which they say could deafen and ultimately kill endangered migratory whales. The Federal Court on Thursday invalidated approval given to oil and gas company Woodsid
  9. ‘Not nearly enough.’ IEA says fossil fuel demand will peak soon but urges faster action

    By Anna Cooban, CNN Global demand for oil, natural gas and coal is likely to peak by 2030 — an “encouraging” development but “not nearly enough” to limit the rise in global temperatures to 1.5 degrees Celsius, the International Energy Agency said Tuesday. Planet-heating pollution f