1. Groundwater Sustainability And Land Subsidence In California’s Central Valley

    “The Central Valley of California is one of the most prolific agricultural regions in the world. Agriculture is reliant on the conjunctive use of surface-water and groundwater. The lack of available surface-water and land-use changes have led to pumping-induced groundwater-level
  2. Groundwater Assessment Recharge Tool (GRAT) - A Tool To Save California’s Farming Future

    shared paper [part of groundwater sustainability planning (GSP)] “GRAT helps users easily evaluate when, where (including active farmland), and how much groundwater can be recharged in specific regions — and which recharge options are most cost-effective…” -- “California farmers prod
  3. Increased Rainfall And Hot Weather Under Rising Emissions

    shared paper “A new study [link above] is warning that “wet-hot” conditions could be on the rise, with extreme heat and rainfall projected to increase. The forecasts might initially sound more enticing than drought, but these extremes can cause devastating disasters. “These compoun