1. Clear The Lists 2023.

    If you are looking to help teachers as they set up their classrooms for the 23-24 school year, my pinned tweet is a list of over 500 teachers looking to #clearthelist2023 . Any #Teachers on Post who want to join in, add yourselves in the comments.
  2. Still trying to get my list cleared🙃 Clear the List #teacher #amazon #clearthelist2023
  3. I Need Your Help To Clear The List For My New Classroom

    Getting close to the start of the new school year & I need help to #ClearTheList for my new classroom. Teaching 5th grade social studies & my students will appreciate the support. #clearthelist2023
  4. #clearthelist

    Ok so some of you have already adopted me. But sadly the big ticket item is something i really need. I went to donors choose and right now GM is funding 2x match. Which means that if you donate 20, they also donate 20. If you have a Sped kid, i teach two cohorts of these aweso
  5. Ya'll Did Indeed Help Out!

    Update - So the doggos and I are having a bit of a lazy day, preferring the cold of my bedroom (the one room I have air in) to pretty much anywhere else. We went down for a potty, and thats when the mailman showed up...with 12 boxes of your generous gifts. Words just can't expr