1. Debussy, Petit Suite L 65: II. Cortège

    Another iconic piece demonstrating his hatred for "announcing" a static time signature at the beginning of the piece. Nope, not Claude "I Don't Need No Stinkin' Time Signature" Debussy. In the central theme it's almost fugue-like. Cortège Straticus Todx IK I saw an old post by Todd
  2. 30 most famous people from France throughout history

    By Isaac Wangethi France is a great country with great people. Many French stars have significantly contributed to world history, especially in science, art, politics, sports, and culture. Who are the most famous people from France worth recognising? Learn more about the French ce
  3. Bergamasque Suite, Prelude 1 Claude Debussy

    Claude Debussy, the father of Impressionist music in the late Romantic era, set the world on its ear with brazen, bold melodies, unheard of modalities, and broke every single rule in Conventional wisdom. Time Signature? Why??? I'll score it as I hear it in my head. Key Signature?