1. “Toxicity” - The Hard, Heavy & Hair Show with Pariah Burke no. 462 LISTEN FREE ON-DEMAND - NEW Sebastian Bach, Bad Wolves, FerreTT, Lion's Share, and New Year's Day - The very first TRIPLE-SHOT game suggested by a listener--and it's a great one! - ROCK QUEEN of the Week is Ash Coste
  2. Throwback Thursday Charts - US charts May 81; Classics from Tom Petty, The Who, comebacks from Gary US Bonds, John Lennon, Steve Winwood, that Rick Springfield track is catchy but this is pretty dire. The Toronto/Hamilton charts would be better;
  3. Darkness can be overpowering, but that doesn't mean an extraordinary light can't shine through! Hardships like war & poverty are never good things, but good things can come out of it like the selfless support of a world-famous rock star! No one wants to go through such harsh cond
  4. In My Opinion. Awesome MTV videos and they wrote great songs, just like a super group should. #80smusic #classicrock #classicrockvideo #TravelingWilburys #GeorgeHarrison #JeffLynne #TomPetty #RoyOrbison #BobDylan
  5. A big congrats to #PeterFrampton , who will be nominated into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame later this year! The guitar legend spoke with @KyleMeredith about everything from the blues and metal to his time in #HumblePie and with #DavidBowie 's band. #classicrock
  6. What fun!

    Happy #recordstoreday ! I'm loving the album side Saturday on WXRT. Among others I've heard full album sides from Dreamboat Annie by Heart, Are You Experienced by Jimi Hendricks, and by Versus from Pearl Jam. Now they're playing a side from the new Friko album.
  7. LISTEN FREE ON-DEMAND to “Bad Bayou” - The Hard, Heavy & Hair Show with Pariah Burke no. 458 - Time-travel back to 1996 with top down, high-speed rare hair Sleaze Metal - NEW End Machine, Collective Soul, Reality Suite, Kickin' Valentina - TRIPLE-SHOT of Gulf Coast Hard Rock bands -
  8. New Music Monday

    It’s #NewMusicMonday , featuring an album that I have personally never listened to before. Today's album is The Piper at the Gates of Dawn by #PinkFloyd . Yeah, I'm back on my classic rock trip again. Anything by Floyd is great. #Music #PostMusic
  9. The new 4/15 episode of Best Radio You Have Never Heard drops w/ new music & releases from Mark Knopfler, Andy Timmons w/ Peter Frampton. plus great music from Traffic, Sting, Sonny Landreth, Frank Zappa, Ministry and more! #FreeMusic #podcast