1. Rental Prices Skyrocketed In The Past Two Years, So Reports Of A Slowdown Should Be Of Little Concern For Multifamily Investors

    By Mark Gilman U.S. rent prices are slowing down, according to several recent reports. But what does that mean? Multifamily rent prices skyrocketed 20% to 30% in the past two years, so when any report shows that rent is "slowing," it's not necessarily time for multifamily landlords
  2. The pandemic motor-home bubble bursts with RV sales down 49% year to date

    By Chris Morris Recreational vehicles were in high demand during the pandemic, but Americans' interest in the motor-home life seems to be dwindling. Shipments of RVs are down 49.2% year to date, according to the RV Industry Association , with a 46.4% drop in June compared to the sam