1. This Ugly Revolver Was Actually Technologically Advanced For Its Time

    By Dana B. Shoaf The Civil War kicked off a demand for firearms just as industrial technology allowed gunsmiths to tinker with various designs, and numerous handguns were developed with the hopes of obtaining military contracts. Some of those weapons were sleek and well-balanced.
  2. Helicopters During the Civil War? Almost 

    By Dave Kindy Warships with powerful cannons patrol the waters just off Mobile Bay. It is the summer of 1864, and Union sailors are bristling for a fight, ready to take on any vessel tempted to run the blockade in order to reach one of the last Gulf of Mexico ports still defended
  3. The Real Story Behind 58 Confederate Bodies Tossed in a Well 

    By Steven R. Stotelmyer On September 14, 1862, fighting broke out on South Mountain, Md., as portions of the Army of the Potomac clashed with Army of Northern Virginia troops holding passes over the mountain. On the 15th, the day after particularly heavy fighting at Fox’s Gap, Ohi
  4. ‘Oh! my soul—what a sight presented itself!’: A Witness to the July 1863 New York Draft Riots 

    By Jonathan W. White In her day, Elizabeth Oakes Smith was a national figure. Born in Maine in 1806, she and her family moved to New York City in the late 1830s, where she joined literary circles and emerged as a prominent feminist essayist, lecturer, and poet. By the 1850s, she w
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