1. 👀 ⬇️ 🇨🇦 The emerald ash borer is a destructive pest that threatens our ash trees and the health of our forests. 🌳 This past year, we surveyed over 670 sites, uncovering new infestations in western Quebec and Carleton-sur-Mer. It was also recently detected in British Columbia for the
  2. NASA on Brilliant Auroras: 'We'll Be Studying This Event for Years'

    By Jess Thomson While the powerful solar storm that hit our planet last weekend triggered spectacular aurora displays across large swaths of the world, it was also a golden opportunity for NASA to study space weather. The May 10 "extreme" G5 geomagnetic storm , sparked by a series o
  3. Citizen-Science is Good for Us

    I came across the heading “DISCOVERY MATTERS” as I dug around the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s website and I knew I was on to something. Janet Coffey, Ph.D., directs the Moore Foundation’s Curiosity-Driven Science Initiative. She aims to enhance opportunities for active pub
  4. May AI Blog Writer: Unveiling New Developments in AI for May

    This May, embark on a captivating exploration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the May AI Blog Write r! Unveil the transformative power of AI technologies and discover how they’re reshaping the very fabric of businesses, healthcare, and society as a whole. AI in Business: Autom
  5. Scientists Find 'Exciting' Rare Exoplanet in Habitable Zone of Twin Stars

    By Jess Thomson A planet has been discovered lurking in the habitable zone of not one, but two, stars. This far-off planet, situated around 310 light-years from Earth, has been found to exist within the two-star binary system, orbiting its host star at just the right distance that
  6. Remember to slow down and look for the tiny things!

    My last #fungifriday Thank you so much for posting on all the fungi tags! When we first started it was only a couple of us. We got a lot of "gross" and "ewes" lol but now I see many many folks discovering the joy of mushroom hunting for pics! Tyvm! Carry on! While taking photos o
  7. #WDEFNews12 #WeatherOvertime Tuesday 4.16.2024

    Rather toasty, somewhat stormy over the next several days. Next week looks better for outdoor activities. Much more forecast + a look at how you can get involved with #CitizenScience in tonight's @WDEFNews12 #weatherblog #WeatherOvertime . #ShareAndEnjoy
  8. #WDEFNews12 #WeatherOvertime Monday April 15 2024

    Hope you like variety in your temperatures as we'll see a decent amount over the rest of the week. Also, a look over the horizon towards next week's #LyridMeteorShower conditions, as well as how to get involved with #citizenscience . All that and much more in tonight's @WDEFNews12
  9. Good morning and happy eclipse day! I read that sometimes the return of the light after an eclipse can inspire birds to repeat their Dawn Chorus, and I'm going to see if that happens here today, though I'm not sure it will get dark enough. My Dawn Chorus this morning: Carolina Wr
  10. AuroraSaurus – Reporting Auroras From The Group Up [citizen science]

    “Auroras, sometimes called “northern lights” or “southern lights," are mesmerizingly beautiful. To scientists, auroras are also the visible manifestation of the solar wind - the flow of charged particles from the Sun - interacting with the magnetosphere of the Earth. Help track a