1. いよいよ地獄の釜の蓋が開いた。先週も火曜日帰り愛知、からの木曜から東京。まあまあなハードな調整をこなしつつ長らくお世話になったイエサブスケールさんに行けたのは良かった。東京といえばイエサブスケールくらいの勢いで上京するたびに通ってはマシーネンだの航空機だの買っていた。その後だいたい模型仲間と合流して飲みに行ったっけ・・。最近はもっぱら会食になってしまいその時間がとれない。最後の買い物はレベルのGTOと少し迷ったけどコロネット。ありがとうございました。そして完全に不眠症が復活してしまった。会食後ホテルに帰宿し、早々にシャワーを浴び、仕事のメールを片付け、ベ
  2. This One is Close to Home

    My sister works at an art institution on this street. This is where I went to dance in the 80’s - so many nights- and shop at the vintage store (still there). Back then it was partly party places and Cuban sandwich shops and a cuban coffee roaster and partly old-time Cuban: ciga
  3. To some, cigars are no joke. To non smokers, they're a pain in the ash. Try a few puffs of this podcast about why some folks love them and why some don't get fired up about the idea. Street Curb Curiosity - A smoking hot #Podcast #cigar #smoking #audio
  4. It wasn't because he was hanging out in cigar bars.
  5. You all have to get this blunt.
  6. This building used to be one of the small cigar factories in Upper Bucks. It was Factory 875, and home of the "White Ash Cigar." It is now a business complex (and there might be a space or three available). 212 S 4th St, Perkasie, Pennsylvania. #cigar #factory #history #vintage #