1. "Candygram." "No You're That Land Shark." A New Casserole.

    Welp, today was delivery day on #AdventOnPost #AdventOnPost2023 "CANDYGRAM!!!!!" A quick jaunt around the block and this round was done. I haven't decided if I'll do more or not. I guess it will depend on how much work I get done tonight and tomorrow. While chilly, it was decent we
  2. Rainy Days and Sundays... That's Not Right. Loading Up Candy in the Sleigh. Drawin' a Cowgirl.

    Day 17 of #AdventOnPost #AdventOnPost2023 An all day downpour. Everything is completely saturated. It's bad for my disposition but good for getting work done. It's a light workload this week and I got my layouts and thumbnails out for approval early. So it should be ready to roll w
  3. A Chocolate Punch in the Face. Measuring Cup Hanger, And a One Stop Candy Factory.

    Day 16 of #AdventOnPost #AdventOnPost2023 and I'm back on my cornbread bullshit again. This is the sweetest cornbread I've ever made. It's a cranberry/blueberry bread with cranberry confectioner's icing. One for my aunt and one for the neighbors. One piece for me. I was up early to
  4. First Strike Candy Delivery. More Cheese. A Xerox Failure.

    Day 13 of #AdventOnPost #AdventOnPost2023 My neighbor Judy dropped off some haystack candies today. So it begins. Judy draws first blood in the neighborhood #christmascandy exchange. A nice sunny 58f outside today with some lovely clouds. Here's something that pissed me right off t
  5. My daughter in Indy for the win! She will bring it home next week. #christmascandy #christmastraditions #familiesthatcooktogether #baking #cooking #cooki#cooki#cooki#cooki#cooki