1. Been working my way through the Smokehouse hot sauce collection from Thoughtfully of Irvine, California. Got these for Christmas and have finally got round to them. First up was Garlic, which smelt lovely but as is often the case with these, very thin and mild. Needed a lot to tas
  2. A Green Christmas

    Christmas was pretty quiet around here. And it was green. With temps above zero the little snow we had melted quickly and left a blanket of fog. Lovely and atmospheric. Still, a little snow would have been welcome. ⛄️ #postpics #postphotos #postcreatives #postcommunity #Christmas2
  3. Festive bus shelter in downtown Montreal. Christmas Day, no snow & 5c/41f - weird for us but easy to get around town. #Christmas2023 #Montreal #Canada #snow
  4. #Gaza #Bethlehem #christmas2023 #Palestine Munther Isaac #thisweekthosebooks
  5. Hand-Colored Wrapping Paper

    Christmas tradition interrupted . . . With all the Sugar Maple madness in the last week– so weird it was only last Monday it started breaking apart –I've not had time to hand decorate wrapping on the presents I give. I've been doing it for years when home for the holidays, usually o
  6. Merry Christmas 2023!

    By Andrew Villeneuve Readers, whether you’re celebrating the Feast of the Nativity of the Lord today or just spending some time with your family, please accept our wishes for a very Merry Christmas. Take an opportunity to rest, relax, reflect, and have fun — after all, that’s what
  7. A Good Christmas Morning in the Making

    The best I can wish for each of you is that you find wonder, peace, and love along your path today. I woke before the moon set, and it was a beautiful orb through the bare branches and the stars all shone brightly before the moon’s setting. That was the first gift of the day for
  8. It's A Wonderful Town

    #happysaturday Today's #AdventOnPost is a festive moment on a #NewYork street filled with traffic and the #EmpireStateBuilding in the distance. Have a wonderful day! #photography #postpics #postphotos #photos #postplaces #streetphotography #Christmas2023 #AdventOnPost2023