1. Americans can finally watch the banned ‘Bluey’ episode on YouTube

    By Christina Marfice Parents of toddlers, rejoice! We’ve all been living in a dearth of new Bluey episodes. But did you know there’s a controversial “banned” episode that Disney+ refuses to stream, that Americans can now watch? That’s right—the episode “Dad Baby” is now available
  2. List of top Arthur characters, ranked by popularity in 2024

    By Lilian Wanjala Arthur is a PBS Kids television show based on the Arthur book series by Marc Brown. Arthur characters follow the adventures of Arthur Read, an eight-year-old aardvark, and his friends in the fictional town of Elwood City. The show primarily targets children betwe
  3. CBeebies presenter Justin Fletcher inadvertently signs rude word during Makaton show

    By Liam O'Dell Children’s television is never the place for inappropriate or explicit language but unfortunately for the popular CBeebies programme Something Special , a resurfaced clip from 2004 has gone viral this week showing host Justin Fletcher signing a phrase in Makaton whic
  4. 'Jim Henson Idea Man' trailer: Meet the man behind the Muppets

    Between the Muppets , Sesame Street , and fantasy films like The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth , there's a good chance Jim Henson played a key part in your childhood. Want to know more about the man behind the puppets? Check out the first trailer for the upcoming Disney+ documentary Ji
  5. Mr. Dressup

    Mr. Dressup was an icon of Canadian children's television. The tickle trunk, Casey the first androgynous puppet, Finnegan... Watch this trailer and you will be surprised how many of the 'giants of Canadian television and film' you know. They were all influenced by the talent of Er