1. It's The US Navy's Birthday | October 13th, 2023

    The Continental Congress established the Continental Navy on October 13, 1775. It was at this time they decided to purchase two armed vessels, which were to disrupt ships supplying the British Army in America and safeguard American trade, which was being blockaded by the British.
  2. Trump's Niece Calls Republican Lawmaker 'Hamas' Favorite Senator,' Accuses Him of Undermining Biden During Israel-Hamas Conflict

    By Shanthi Rexaline Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump slammed Republicans for ruthlessly and publicly undermining the authority of Democratic presidents in a new substack post. What Happened: Following trikes against Israel by Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas , Republicans bla
  3. Fox reporter suggests military aid to Israel could be affected by GOP senator’s campaign to block promotions

    By Mike Bedigan US military assistance to Israel could be affected by a Republican senator’s ongoing campaign to block hundreds of nominations and promotions for military officers, a Fox News reporter has suggested. Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville has placed holds on over 300 nomi