1. Cracked the Kraken and put Cheesebro on it!
  2. Working up the chain, as one does in a RICO case. #Powell #Cheesebro #FaniWillisRocks
  3. ‘CheeseBro’ 😂 pled guilty
  4. Testifying against Trump: Barr Pence Gen Milley Ivanka Mark Meadows Patsy Baloney Eric Hershmann Derek Lyons Evan Corcoran Michael Cohen Weisselberg The Bobblehead (a third lawyer in FL case) Lin Wood Kraken Lady Cheese Bro The videodude Boris Epshteyn Trump 'might' be in serious legal jeopardy
  5. Todays shares news Dr Pepper shares soar as a deal is put to bed. There are repercussions for the slow maturing Cheesebro brand as events overtake strategy. Jack Smith, leading market expert says "The market is undergoing change". He urges investing in popcorn.
  6. #CheeseBro