1. Well, I don’t know about that — but she was an amazing woman. Scary smart, but also kind and generous. We were all glad she was never tempted to the ‘dark side’, as she would have made a fabulous ‘Bond Villain’.
  2. Household sleep power rankings: 4: Paul—large & takes up lots of space, snores 3: Sarge—climbs on top of you, is heavy, likes to bite, needs to learn to put his claws away 2: Charlie—small & takes up lots of space, flails, flops around until he’s comfortable but is snuggly & cute 1:
  3. @grumpyoldswede I was very fortunate to spend a lot of time with wombats in Australia, including at a sanctuary for orphaned very young wombats. Oh, those babies can really steal your heart. It’s so delightful to have a group of ten of them follow you around
  4. Word of the Day 02.18.24 -- Stalwart (adjective | STAWL-wert): Loyal, reliable, and hardworking. Can also be used as a noun. "Despite being continually insulted by the lonely tyrant, they remained stalwart supporters." Synonyms: staunch, faithful, committed, devoted, dedicated, dep
  5. U.S. Forest Service National Riparian Areas Base Map For The Conterminous United States In 2019

    “Riparian areas are an important natural resource with high biological diversity. These ecosystems contain specific vegetation and soil characteristics which support irreplaceable values and multiple ecosystem functions and are very responsive to changes in land management activi