1. 'The Gentlemen' Review: Guy Ritchie skillfully balances crime and comedy in his Netflix series

    By Kanika Saini HALSTEAD, ENGLAND: Not all adaptations of critically acclaimed movies into TV series guarantee an enjoyable experience. A good recent example is Prime Video's 'Mr and Mrs Smith ', which turned out to be a major letdown despite borrowing the name and theme from the 2
  2. #BookReview for "The Overstory" by Richard Powers Les Miserables for environmentalists, but less engaging. Too many characters 👎 Interesting tree facts 👍 Sad 👎 Gets a bit woo-foo 👎 Conservation is an important topic 👍 Doesn't address importance of fighting climate change or best ways to
  3. DISTINCTIVE, COMPULSIVELY READABLE novel combines its glossy setting among the Hollywood elite with a story of hidden resistance to anti-Black oppression. Unforgettable, larger than life characters mix with a fast-paced plot. B PLUS #book #books #BooksPost #bookreview #bookreviews
  4. Cardi B makes runway debut for Balenciaga

    By Oscar Holland, CNN Cardi B is known for bringing runway looks to the red carpet, but on Saturday she made a surprise appearance on the catwalk itself. Modeling a bold floor-length blue coat and sparkling diamond jewelry, the rapper made her fashion show debut for Balenciaga as t