1. Joy Practice: It's that hygge time of year here in Seattle

    I write about joy every week and you can subscribe for free over here . My Joy Practice began almost 7 years ago after certain election event had me struggling to find meaning in making art during dark times. What good is beauty when the world is burning? It turns out joy is essen
  2. How to make mahamri: Quick soft mandazi recipe in Kenya

    By Simon Ayub Have you ever had a treat at a restaurant or an eatery and wondered how they made it? One such treat is mahamri, a popular Swahili doughnut made from various ingredients, including flour and coconut milk. If you desire to learn the secret behind this treat, then toda
  3. Loving this today! Love it along with me!

    ♫ Chain, chain, chain Chain, chain, chain (Oh) Chain, chain, chai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ain Your chain of fools, oh yeah ♫ #todays #song #current #mood #chai -ai-ai-ai-aia-ai-ai-ain #chainoffools #ohyeah
  4. Nigeria: CHIPS - Connecting Communities to Primary Health Care Facilities in Nasarawa State

    By Misbahu El-Hamza / Nigeria Health Watch [Nigeria Health Watch] Twice a month, Mary Jacob, a Community Engagement Focal Person (CEFP), conducts supportive supervision of 35-year-old Afinnaki Ibrahim, a Community Health Influencer, Promoter, and Services (CHIPS) agent in Kafin Sh
  5. The Gift of Tea and Faith No More.

    Growing up with an older sibling definitely has its perks. You have someone to kick the ball around with, help you with your homework, and prank the heck out of you! My big brother was everything you could ask for. He was always there for me whenever I needed him, and he was a but