1. US Undemocratic Democracy

    #US #Undemocratic #Democracy While the #Constitution guarantees basic rights and makes potent use of checks and balances , it also enshrines some strikingly #undemocratic #provisions that allowed #authoritarianism to #flourish inside #America ’s #borders and exacerbate today’s #po
  2. Evergrande: Too Big To Fail, Or Beyond Rescue?

    By The Bamboo Works Key Takeaways: Evergrande has more than 500 billion yuan in delinquent debt that must be restructured, or it could face potential liquidation The company is involved in 2,002 unresolved lawsuits worth 30 million yuan or more each By Lau Chi Hang Just when it looked
  3. Analysis-Evergrande crisis tests Beijing's fallout management as creditor jitters mount

    By: Xie Yu and Clare Jim HONG KONG (Reuters) - As developer China Evergrande Group lurched from one crisis to another over the past two years, Beijing avoided directly intervening to rescue what was not too long ago considered one of the country's "too big to fail" enterprises. Wit
  4. A #debt is a #bet on the #future , on the "assumption" that things would remain the same over the tenure of the #loan . As #economists put it, Ceteris paribus, or "all other things being unchanged or constant". However, "things" do change when there #events like #war , #pandemic , or
  5. China Is Using Satellites To Police The Protection Of Nature — But Will It Work?

    [‘obligatory’ photo of panda cubs included ~wink~] “Scientists say the system will help safeguard nature, but they want more transparency about the zones chosen for conservation… China’s government has rolled out a nationwide satellite and automated monitoring system to protect lan