1. A New Week

    I’m sending wishes for a meaningful Monday. May you find just what you need this week. #cattleranching #MondayFeeling #MontanaLife #PhotosOnPost
  2. Dude, Where’s My Ranch? These Getaways Reinvent the Iconic Western Vacation

    By Krista Simmons There’s a big difference between a dude ranch and a working cattle ranch , and this new generation of ranches is bringing a modern touch to a storied Western tradition. Ranchlands This Colorado agricultural business operates large-scale cattle and bison ranches in a
  3. What is Ladd Drummond's net worth, and how did he make his money?

    By Florence Wanjiru The biggest ranches are truly sites to behold. But how much can a rancher earn? The most successful ranchers earn millions and even billions. Ladd Drummond is one of the most famous ranchers in Oklahoma. His net worth is a subject of interest among fans who are