1. Hustle

    In Robert Aldrich’s hardboiled detective tale Hustle, cop Burt Reynolds wants to fix his relationship with call girl Catherine Deneuve, but he’s caught up in an ugly case. Glenn Erickson of CineSavant reviews the picture's new Kino Lorber Blu-ray:
  2. A happy belated 80th birthday to the grand dame of French cinema, Catherine Deneuve : Born October 22, 1943, in Paris. [ Photo: Walter Carone. Visit The Echo of a Distant Time , @FloydEtcetera on FACEBOOK and X; @arthurnewhook on THREADS. And @ArthurNewhook@mastodon.world. ]
  3. 30 most famous people from France throughout history

    By Isaac Wangethi France is a great country with great people. Many French stars have significantly contributed to world history, especially in science, art, politics, sports, and culture. Who are the most famous people from France worth recognising? Learn more about the French ce
  4. 🌟✨ Dancing into the weekend with the timeless charm of "The Young Girls of Rochefort"! 💃🎶 Join me this Friday at Films on the Green in Central Park for a magical evening under the stars. #FilmsOnTheGreen #FrenchCinema #movies #CentralPark #OutdoorScreening #jacquesdemy #agnesva
  5. 30 Day Song Challenge Day 1 - A Song For Today (Burt Bacharach Version)

    I remember singing Burt Bacharach songs as a small child, maybe even before grade school. There might even be tapes of it, somewhere... in a cardboard box, in a forgotten drawer, in a landfill? I guess I still haven't quite gotten over the exit of Mr. Bacharach this past February