1. Substack's Nazi newsletters

    In November 2023, The Atlantic denounced the existence of explicitly Nazi newsletters on #Substack , some of them offering paid subscriptions. This means that Substack hosts, promotes and makes money from Nazi newsletters. On December 21, the three co-founders of Substack posted a n
  2. Substackers Against Nazis

    By Joe Katz Hi readers—Below is a letter to the Substack founders that we helped draft as part of a group of publishers seeking answers to questions about the platforming and monetizing of Nazis. We are all publishing the letter on our own individual Substacks today for visibility
  3. Misinformation about Israel-Hamas war spreads on Elon Musk's X

    By Jenna Moon Fake media posts linked to the Israel-Hamas conflict are proliferating on the social media platform X — formerly known as Twitter. Twitter was previously used as a go-to source for breaking news and analysis on world events, but changes to the platform’s algorithm, th
  4. Casey Newton on Elon’s “cringeworthy sideshow on the road to X’s eventual bankruptcy.”
  5. #Tech talk with #caseynewton and Kevin Roose. #AI