1. Stranded ships exit Baltimore port via temporary channel

    By: Lisa Baertlein LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Four cargo ships, stuck for about a month at the Port of Baltimore by the ruins of the collapsed Francis Scott Key bridge, have exited this week via a temporary channel, according to shipping data. Large ship traffic to and from the port,
  2. Cargo ship transporting ignited lithium-ion batteries arrives in Alaska but remains offshore for safety reasons

    A cargo ship carrying lithium-ion batteries caught fire in its hold while en route from Vietnam to San Diego. The 19 crew members are safe, and the fire has been contained with carbon dioxide. The ship has been kept 2 miles offshore of an Alaskan port as a precaution. The city's
  3. Central Africa: Central Africa Blames Fuel Shortage On Supply Disruptions, Smuggling

    By Moki Edwin Kindzeka / VOA [VOA]Yaounde, Cameroon -- Central Africa has, for months, been plagued with acute fuel shortages that have stifled regional economic growth, disrupted local businesses, and contributed to rising food prices and social unrest. The shortages are partly b
  4. Cargo, With a Side of Hornets, Flies and Crabs

    Cargo, With a Side of Hornets, Flies and Crabs #Business #Transportation #Shipping #CargoShips #Climate #Environment #Species #InvasiveSpecies
  5. Sails And Satellite Navigation Could Cut Shipping Industry's Emissions By Up To A Third

    “In the vast expanse of the world’s oceans, a transformation is underway. The international shipping sector, made up of thousands of massive cargo ships laden with many of the goods we buy, emits carbon dioxide (CO₂) roughly equivalent to the entire country of Germany. [Their] rese
  6. A Japanese cargo ship with no Israelis aboard.
  7. UNITED24Media 🇺🇦

    Russia established a naval blockade of Ukraine immediately after the end of the "grain agreement", — Bild military analyst Julian Röpke "12 cargo ships are stuck in the Ukrainian ports of Odesa and Mykolaiv. Not a single dry cargo has entered Ukraine since the beginning of the Rus
  8. Nations Aim to Zero Out Shipping Emissions by Midcentury

    Nations Aim to Zero Out Shipping Emissions by Midcentury #News #WorldNews #Climate #ShippingIndustry #Business #Emissions #ClimateCrisis #Shipping #CargoShips #ZeroEmissions
  9. US To Give Away [Or Auction]  Free Lighthouses As GPS Makes Them Unnecessary

    [romantic nonsense maybe, but even since being a kid living in one of these has interested me, Tearaght Lighthouse , Blasket Islands, western most point of Ireland will work… ] "Ten lighthouses that for generations have stood like sentinels along America’s shorelines protecting mar