1. Five carbohydrates that have 'the biggest impact on reducing belly fat' thanks to their high fibre content

    By Solen Le Net Low-carbohydrate diets are widely lauded for their weight loss benefits, partly because they encourage the body to use stored fat as fuel. Not all carbs are created equal, however, as complex carbs take longer to break down, thus enabling weight loss through differe
  2. Oh, okay. This was explained to me today. I have been focusing on eating more protein lately, as I’m trying to help my leg muscles recover following surgery. It turns out that high protein foods will tend be slightly more difficult for the body to digest than, say, simple carbohyd
  3. Britain's weight loss success stories: 'I dropped from a size L to S at 57 with the help of three carbohydrates'

    By Solen Le Net The science of metabolism has a hold on British scientists, and their research confirms that losing weight is a multi-faceted and relatively complex affair. Crash dieting trends are the ones to avoid for long-term results - yet conflicting messages about the best me
  4. Fitness experts say tripling the amount of carbs you eat can actually boost weight loss

    By Neil Shaw & Rom Preston-Ellis Fitness gurus are flipping the script on carbs, suggesting that tripling your intake could actually fire up weight loss. Despite carbs often being demonised in the health world , with many slashing this nutrient to slim down, experts at Bulk.com argu
  5. Corn Tortillas vs. Flour Tortillas: Which Option Is Healthier?

    Walking the aisles of the grocery store can seem like one internal debate after another — especially if your goal is to fill your cart with the healthiest options possible. Oat milk or soy? Peanut butter or almond butter? Full-fat or reduced-fat cheese? Picking up a pack of tortil
  6. #Researchers think they are closer to understanding how #longCOVID works, and a #plant -based #diet could be a way to combat it. A recent article suggests that a #COVID #infection could #lower #serotonin (sometimes called the “happy” chemical) levels for months after the infection
  7. 'Early human foragers may have relied on eating the partially digested vegetable matter, called digesta, found in the stomachs and digestive tracts of bison and other large game herbivores.' #foodhistory #AncientHumans #carbohydrates #foraging