1. Hamas says it captured Israeli soldiers in Gaza; Israel denies

    By: Nidal al-Mughrabi CAIRO (Reuters) -A spokesman for Hamas' armed wing said on Sunday its fighters had captured Israeli soldiers during fighting in Jabalia in northern Gaza on Saturday, though the Israeli military denied the claim. The Hamas armed wing spokesman did not say how m
  2. Hamas Militants Eliminated by IDF in Israel War - 5,000 or 8,000 or 2,353 ?!

    #HamasMilitants #Deaths in #IsraelWar #MisleadingInformations by #IDF #Israel #manipulateddata without #evidence . An #Israeli #official ’s said that about 5,000 militants had been killed by the beginning of December 2023, with the 2:1 civilian to militant death ratio. Analyst #Hamd
  3. UN Court Keeps Genocide Case against Israel Alive - Israel War Deadliest for Journalists & Aid Workers. Baseless Deaths Evidence for Hamas Militants !

    As of January 26, 2024, the #CommitteeToProtectJournalists (CPJ) has preliminary investigations that show at least 83 #journalists and #mediaworkers have been #killed by #IsraelDefenseForces since the war began on October 7, 2023. According to the #CPJ , the October 7–January 26,
  4. Today is October 94th. 33 Hostages were murdered

    Pray for them, their personal safety - we know who hamas is and what they do. Send messages through the "ethers" to them. Ask the Universe - whatever is your thing, join the energy - let them know they are loved and that they will come home. 132 still in captivity #bringthemhome #
  5. Palestine Captives: A mass abduction of Palestinians targeting released captives in Ramallah tonight. Among the freed captives who were abducted ; 1. Freed captive Rami Fadayel 2. Freed captive Ihsan Shtayyeh 3. Freed captive Khalida Jarrar 4. Freed captive Yasmine Abu Srour
  6. Israeli military chief says more than 1,000 captives taken in Gaza

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli forces have taken more than 1,000 people captive in the war against Hamas in Gaza, Israel's military chief said on Sunday. Addressing soldiers inside the bombarded enclave, Chief of the General Staff Major-General Herzi Halevi said that when combatant
  7. Israel-Hamas War Ceasefire Ends: Fighting Could Resume Any Moment as Deadline Passes 😩 Talks to extend the deal were overshadowed by Hamas' claim that three Israeli captives, including two young children, were killed in an Israeli bomb blast #EXPLORE #POLITICS
  8. Rocky hostage release underscores fragility of deal between Israel and Hamas

    By Tara John, Adi Koplewitz and Elise Garofalo, CNN Excitement has been replaced by tension in Israel, after a brief delay before the release of several Israeli hostages on Saturday underscored the tenuousness of the nation’s deal with Hamas, which still holds around 200 captives
  9. Intercession Prayer For The Captives. Feel free to write your own. Just-SEND IT UP AND OUT please.
  10. Talks to free some of the 230 hostages held by Hamas stalled Friday after the group demanded that Israel allow fuel deliveries to Gaza and Hamas declined to guarantee the release of a large number of foreign captives.