1. Dallas Wants To Vote On Marijuana Decriminalization, Female Orgasmic Disorder Qualifies For Medical Cannabis In Connecticut And More Updates

    By Jelena Martinovic New Hampshire's MMJ Program Could Expand Soon If Gov. Sununu Approves As New Hampshire lawmakers are getting ready to cast their final votes on a measure that would allow for cannabis legalization to take place statewide in 2026 and make marijuana for adults le
  2. DeSantis Is Less Popular Than Florida's Legal Cannabis Amendment: New Poll That Also Shows Biden Gaining On Trump

    By Maureen Meehan Two-thirds of Florida voters, including a majority of Republicans, are throwing their support behind Amendment 3 , the marijuana legalization initiative that will appear on the November ballot . According to a Thursday Fox News poll , the amendment enjoys greater pop
  3. Kamala Harris Gets Her Own Cannabis Strain 'Kamala Kush' Whether She Likes It Or Not: Watch Jimmy Kimmel Break The News To Her

    By Maureen Meehan U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris appeared visibly surprised upon learning that a cannabis strain had been named after her, despite her history of having prosecuted some 2,000 marijuana offenders in her job as District Attorney of San Francisco. The news of the “K
  4. Over $20 Billion In Green: Cannabis Is A Lucrative Harvest For Legal Weed States

    By Nicolás Jose Rodriguez Since Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize adult-use cannabis sales in 2014, a green wave has swept over the U.S. This progressive shift has not only transformed social norms but also yielded surprising financial benefits for partici
  5. Police Chief In This Low-Crime City Blames Illicit Cannabis For Its Woes, Prompting State Senator's Push For Legal Sales

    By Nina Zdinjak Virginia Beach Police Chief Paul Neudigate said last week that the illicit cannabis market is largely to blame for shooting violence. “Where you may think it will be heroin, you may think it will be cocaine, methamphetamine, nope. It’s marijuana. We have young men l
  6. How Can Cops Tell The Difference Between Marijuana And Hemp? Feds' New Techniques Simplify The Process

    By Cannabis.net This article was originally published on Cannabis.net and appears here with permission. Researchers funded by the federal government have unveiled novel techniques for distinguishing between marijuana and hemp by precisely measuring the THC levels in both flowers an
  7. As Federal Marijuana Reclassification Is Poised To Take Effect, These States Focus On Cannabis Reform

    By Jelena Martinovic With cannabis rescheduling being a hot topic these days, let's scroll through the latest regulatory changes in the cannabis space. In fact, if you want to understand what these policy changes mean for the future of the industry, join us at the upcoming Benzinga
  8. Cannabis Cafés Could Be Coming to California

    By Jordan King Amsterdam-style cannabis cafés could be coming to parts of California, allowing dispensaries to sell items such as food and coffee. The state Assembly passed AB-1775 Cannabis: Retail Preparation, Sale, and Consumption of Noncannabis Food and Beverage Products Monday,
  9. What Schedule III Really Means For Cannabis Industry And Consumers, Congressional Experts Explain

    By Jelena Martinovic What are the legal consequences of rescheduling cannabis to Schedule III under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) ? Now that President Joe Biden has announced that his administration is officially moving to reschedule marijuana under federal law, followed by th
  10. Fact Check: Is Marijuana Legalization Hurting Teen Mental Health?

    By Leafly This article was originally published on Leafly.com and appears here with permission. If you read this January 10 Wall Street Journal piece , you might conclude that a wave of cannabis-induced psychosis among teenagers is sweeping the country. The story highlights research